Teo launches personal media on TV

Teo personal mediaLithaunian service provider Teo has introduced the ability to view personal media including photos, video and audio recording on the TV screen as part of its service. 

Customers will be able to view their own personal media and share it with friends. The service will enable direct sharing of photos as well as video and audio recordings stored in the cloud, and will enable users to listen to music without any additional equipment via their TV remote and the EPG.

Teo subscribers were previously able to access personal files on the web, but the new service introduces accessibility via the TV menu for the first time.

“Usually photos and video recordings are viewed on a computer screen, but the launched service will allow customer to do it more conveniently on a TV screen, which is bigger and more adapted for that kind of viewing, especially together with friends and family,” said Nerijus Ivanauskas, the head of the consumer business unit at TEO.

Tags: Lithuania, Teo

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