NetCologne launches free public WiFi

Cologne city carrier NetCologne has launched a free public WiFi network in the German city. 

The Hotspot.Koeln network is currently available in a number of locations in the central part of the city, with plans to extend to other areas.

NetCologne has worked with the Cologne city authorities to develop the network, which is currently available in Willy-Brandt-Platz, the Alter Markt, Heinrich-Böll Platz, Roncalliplatz, Ottoplatz and four other locations.

Users can register and receive one hour of free WiFi access, after which they can log in a again to continue to use the service.

NetCologne plans to extend the network in an area stretching from the Domumgebung to the Heumarkt and from Altstadt Ufer to the Rheinauhafen and Rheinboulevard.

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