TechUK calls for BBC to up tech sector support

Industry organisation TechUK has called on the BBC to “ramp up” its support for the UK tech sector, ahead of the next BBC Royal Charter.

TechUK, which represents 850 companies, claims that the BBC “has a pivotal role to play promoting UK tech,” and said that it is “vital that the impact of the BBC upon the UK technology market is adequately understood.”

The pressure comes as work begins to address what a new Royal Charter would look like for the Public Sector Broadcaster. The current charter – the constitutional basis for the BBC and the effective guidelines within which it must operate – is due to expire in December 2016.

“We believe that just as the BBC has a remit to support the UK creative economy, a similar such remit must be put in place for the UK tech economy from 2016,” said TechUK in a statement.

Three principles that TechUK is arguing for are that: the BBC should be technology neutral; the BBC should proactively contribute to global broadcasting technology development; and that the BBC should support alternative commercial services alongside its own.

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