India and IPTV drive SES reach

Satellite operator SES now reaches 291 million homes worldwide, including 151 million European homes, representing year-on-year growth of 5% both globally and in Europe, according to the latest edition of its Satellite Monitor research.

Growth globally was driven by the African and Middle East markets as well as the Indian market, where SES grew by 18%. The satellite operator also grew its Asia Pacific base by 7% and its Latin American household reach by 5%. In North America it saw more modest growth of 3%.

SES served 106 million DTH homes at the end of 2013, while its cable footprint grew slightly from 152 million to 153 million. Stronger indirect growth was driven by the IPTV market, where the operator now serves 31 million homes, up 27%.

In Europe, SES reaches 151 million homes in total, including 65 million DTH homes.
In Europe, SES reaches 95% of cable and IPTV homes and 81% of HD satellite homes, according to the survey.

“The results of this year’s SES Satellite Monitor and market research confirm again the strong role that SES is playing as a high performing video and TV broadcasting infrastructure”, said Ferdinand Kayser, chief commercial officer of SES.

“Our strong growth is a direct result of our significant investments in new satellites especially in the highly important and dynamic emerging markets. We could also further take advantage of our strong infrastructure and service offerings in mature markets and realise further gains, on a high level, in Europe and North America.  As a leader in video broadcasting, DTH, digital transmission and HD, SES plays a critical role in the provision of communications infrastructure globally and is well positioned to further drive digitisation and the deployment of high performing video neighbourhoods in mature as well as demanding emerging markets.”

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