Amazon Prime Instant Video launches with Alpha House promo

Amazon Prime Instant Video will launch under its new brand – replacing Lovefilm – in the UK tomorrow, kicking off with the introduction of Amazon original political satire drama Alpha House.

Amazon Prime members will be able to watch all 11 episodes of the series, which follows four US senators renting a house together and struggling to keep their personal lives and exploits from tarring their public image, starring John Goodman, for free.

Alpha House is the first fully commissioned series from Amazon Studios.

“Prime Instant Video is the UK’s largest movie and TV subscription steaming service with more than 15,000 great movies and TV episodes for our customers to enjoy. We’re delighted to be investing in great original content for our customers, and are very excited to debut Alpha House in the UK for our customers to enjoy,” said Tim Leslie, vice-president of Amazon Instant Video for the UK and Germany.

“The talent behind Alpha House is incredible and as the first full series to come through Amazon Studios we can’t wait to hear what our viewers think to the show – especially considering the overwhelmingly positive reaction to the pilot.”

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