Telekom Slovenije launches white-label OTT platform

Slovenian telecom operator Telekom Slovenije has launched a white-label OTT platform for operators and content providers based on its own TViN system.

The operator is providing a platform to provide functionality including second-screen, live TV, video-on-demand and cloud storage, customisable by different service providers.

The platform can deliver support for live TV, catch-up TV, remote PVR and EPG as well as cloud-based storage and transcoding.

Apps are available for the web, Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms.

TViN also offers support for UEFA LiveEx, the technology eveloped to give viewers of UEFA Champions League matches the ability to view a number of matches simultaneously with immediate video alerts of goals, penalties and rd cards.

Telekom Slovenije has already provided the TViN platform to a number of other operators in south-eastern Europe, including Kosovan IPTV operator IPKO and Bosnian service provider Blicnet.

“The evolution of TViN from a simple web-TV application to a comprehensive web and mobile OTT platform is the logical next step, following the successful integration of the solution into the ecosystems of several regional operators,” said Simon Furlan, marketing director at Telekom Slovenije.

“TViN enables operators and media companies without an OTT platform to quickly upgrade their existing services with a state-of-the-art solution, encompassing all media delivery needs as well as a cloud storage option with media transcoding, integrated into the OTT customer experience.”

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