Poland’s TVN makes online gains

Polish broadcaster TVN Group said that a record 4.3 million people in November watched 44.4 million video streams across its web properties – including tvn.pl and its VOD service tvnplayer.pl.

TVN Player has “the strongest user engagement among all VOD platforms in Poland,” TVN claimed, with the average time a user spent on tvnplayer.pl in November totaling 7 hours and 34 minutes.

The VOD service was visited by nearly 2.3 million users of personal computers, resulting in 10.7% reach, TVN said – with the stats not including smartphone, tablet, smart TV or games console app access.

“TVN’s high quality news and locally produced content are the main drivers behind the strong response from online users,” said Maciej Maciejowski, member of the management board in charge of new business development at TVN.

“We expect further dynamic growth of our reach and drive high quality inventory to satisfy advertisers’ growing demand for online video advertising.”

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