CableLabs launches DOCSIS 3.1 specifications

CablelabsCableLabs has launched the specifications for DOCSIS 3.1, technology that it says will “enable a new generation of cable services.”

The nonprofit research and development consortium for the cable industry said that DOCSIS 3.1 will help TV operators meet consumer demand for “high speed connections and sophisticated applications” and provide new value for cable operators and consumers of broadband services.

Among the specifications is support for up to 10 Gbps downstream and up to 1 Gbps upstream network capabilities, increased network capacity with the ability to transmit up to 50% more data over the same spectrum and increased cable modem energy efficiency.

DOCSIS 3.1 promises to offer better quality of experience, reducing network delay and improving responsiveness for applications such as online gaming. To help migrate to the new technology, DOCSIS 3.1 modems are also designed to co-exist with older versions enabling incremental deployment based on market demand.

“Based on the significant contributions from our members and technology suppliers, CableLabs has developed the technology foundation for the delivery of next generation broadband services over hybrid fiber coaxial (HFC) networks,” said Dan Rice, senior vice president of access network technologies at CableLabs.

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