BT rolls out new channel packages

BT has launched new channel packages in a bid to attract new customers to its TV service. 

The UK telco and pay TV operator said it is launching two channel bolt-on packages for BT Entertainment pack customers for £3 extra per-month each.

The packages are: HD Extra, which features HD versions of many of the channels in the entertainment pack plus the three BT Sport channels in HD; and Kids Extra, featuring nine popular kids channels including Nickelodeon, Disney, Boomerang and Cartoon Network.

The offers are available to BT Infinity customers. BT’s core Entertainment pack costs £7 a month and includes 18 popular channels, including Discovery, National Geographic, Comedy Central and Gold.

At the same time BT said it is also changing its on-demand offerings to flexible monthly bolt-ons, allowing customers to choose from kids or music on-demand at £3 a month each or film and TV box sets for £5 per month.

“This new line-up is undoubtedly our strongest TV offering. BT TV now offers over 100 TV channels, including more than 50 delivered via our broadband network. We can offer a fantastic HD quality experience through the power of fibre, and there’s something for all the family with our great new Kids channels. We know that customers don’t like paying a fortune for hundreds of channels they never watch so we’re making things easier for them and putting the choice in their hands,” said Alex Green, director of TV for BT.

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