ONO updates TiVo offering

Ono TiVoSpanish cable operator ONO is updating its TiVo offering with new features, which will be implemented progressively between now and the end of October. 

The new features include an improved user interface, highlighting the selected TV channel in the main screen so that viewers can continue to watch while selecting a new channel, the incorporation of more personalized recommendation and the optimization of displays related to recordings, according to ONO.

Viewers can now search for content by theme, while alphabetical search can be done using the alphanumeric keys on the remote control. Search results include linear, video club and internet content and filters can allow users to restrict results to fields that they want.

Homes with more than one TiVo box can now share recorded content between them. The TiVo boxes have also now been updated with a new energy saving mode.

ONO currently has about 200,000 TiVo customers across its networks.


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