TTK upgrades backbone network

Russian service provider TransTeleCom (TTK) has launched a 100G ultra long-haul DWDM network connecting its St Petersburg and Moscow and its Moscow and Chelyabinsk-Ekaterinburg segments. 

According to the operator, the move increases its network capacity from 40Gbps to 100Gbps, and will ensure high-quality connections for its corporate and residential customers. Cisco supplied the equipment for he network.

The launch is the first stage of a plan to create a national 100G ULH DWDM network. The segments currently operational amount to about 20% of the total network under construction.

“The ULH DWDM technology is currently the most advanced in the world. It will increase the total throughput of TTK’s launched network sections by 6 times. Its implementation will guarantee new connection and data transfer quality for our corporate customers. TTK’s private customers can count on consistently high Internet connection speed even with rapid subscriber growth and a steady increase in TransTeleCom’s subscriber traffic,” said Artem Kudryavtsev, the company’s president. “We are currently implementing the technology in other network segments”.