Russia’s Euroset to begin selling Amedia TV player next week

Russian mobile phone retailer Euroset is to begin retailing a media player from Dune HD that gives access to producer and channel operator Amedia’s online TV service, according to local reports.

Euroset and Amedia told Vedomosti that Euroset will begin selling the device in its outlets next week. The Amediateka service provides a package of Amedia channels as well as an on-demand archive of 50 international TV shows including HBO’s Game of Thrones.

The media player, bundled with a six-month subscription to Amediateka, will cost RUB5,790 (€132). The service will be available for RUB229 a month after the initial six months. Top HBO shows will be made available the day after their US airing, fully versioned in Russian.

The Amedia service has been available online since June, but the launch of the media player is expected to widen the audience for the service by allowing users a simple way to view content on their TV screens. Euroset vice-president Viktor Lukanin predicted that the retailer could sell up to 10,000 devices in the first six months.