Swisscom sees 30% growth in TV base

Swisscom has seen 30% growth in its TV base over the last year to end June with 902,000 Swisscom TV subscribers.

Swisscom gained 42,000 customers for the service in the second quarter.

Over half of Swisscom’s fixed broadband customers now also use Swisscom TV, while 370,000 Swisscom TV customers are using the operator’s 30-hour catch-up service.

Some 889,000 Swisscom customers had signed up to bundled offerings by the end of June, up 27.2% year-on-year, with revenue from bundled contracts increasing by 38.1% to CHF725 million (€546 million).

The share of bundled contracts offered in combination with a mobile subscription rose by 33% year-on-year to 40%.
Swisscom also achieved solid customer growth at Italian subsidiary Fastweb, which picked up 26,000 new customers in the quarter. Fastweb grew its base by 214,000 over the year to 1.89 million, thanks in part to a bundled TV and broadband package offered in partnership with Sky Italia.

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