Sony working to fix Freeview error

Sony is working to correct a “major technical issue” that has resulted in many of its DVD Recorder customers in the UK losing access to Freeview channels. 

Responding to a string of complaint on Twitter, Sony said it was ”aware of the problem” and that a dedicated team was working to resolve the issue, which has impacted on some RDR and HDX models of its Freeview-integrated hard disk drive DVD recorders.

Customers reported problems channels disappearing from the EPG, or the device being stuck in update mode following a firmware upgrade.

In a post in its user forum, Sony said: “It appears that something has changed in the way that these devices are receiving EPG data from Arqiva the people who own and operate the Freeview standard for the UK. So we are already trying to understand what has happened and how this can be rectified, realising that a large number of people have been affected.”

However, after issuing instructions to unplug devices and run the ‘easy setup’ Sony updated this to say “most people seem to be back up and running now,” though urged customers to post back if they are still having issues.

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