HomeGrid Forum passes HomePNA products

The HomeGrid Forum has passed 12 new products from seven vendors for HomePNA interoperability and certification. 

Newly certified HomePNA products include set-top boxes from Arris and Kaon Media, residential gateways from ZyXEL and Pace, an Ethernet to HomePNA bridge from Cameo, ONTs from Calix and a new reference board from Sigma Designs.

The latest wave of certifications is the first since the HomePNA Alliance merged into the HomeGrid Forum to create a larger organisation dedicated to the development of home networking technologies over in-home wiring based on ITU-T standards.

“With an installed base of over 40 million HomePNA products, the technology continues to be a core home network selection of service providers worldwide,” said John Egan, president of the HomeGrid Forum.” The ongoing introduction of new certified HomePNA products to the market is a good indication of continuing demand from Service Providers for high quality interoperable HomePNA products as they expand their service areas and rely on HomePNA for robust home networks that support HD IPTV.”

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