CSA censures Orange Cinéma Séries and NRJ 12

French media regulator the CSA has issued a warning to Orange Cinéma Séries (OCS) after it made an allegedly pornographic film available on its on-demand service.

The CSA said that OCS made the film The Last Son: la malediction available during the night of May 21-22 without access control to prevent it being watched by under-18s.

Separately, the CSA has taken thematic channel NRJ 12 to task after the latter broadcast NRJ Replay, which allowed viewers to choose highlight programmes from the channel’s line-up and to zap to shows aired the previous day without the CSA being informed in advance.

According to the CSA, the programmes to which NRJ Replay gave access where not clearly signposted regarding their content. The channel’s licence mandates it to inform the CSA of its schedule at least 18 hours before it airs.