Orange Sosh launches low-cost quad-play for France

logo-sosh-orangeOrange France is launching a new range of quad-play packages under its low-cost Sosh mobile brand.

The service provider is offering four packages combining Sosh mobile with its Livebox offering ranging in price from €34.90 to €54.90. Customers can choose the Sosh mobile package of their choice and combine it with a Livebox offering comprising the box and up to 20Mbps internet, 156 TV channels and up to 16,000 programmes available on demand each month.

Orange launched Sosh in 2011 to appeal to younger web-savvy mobile users and combat the appeal of Free’s low-cost mobile offering. Sosh plus Livebox subscribers will be able to change their packages without notice. The new offering is only available via the internet.

“Since its launch, Sosh has appealed to smart shoppers who are used to using the internet on their own to find good deals. Today Sosh, the no commitment and 100% digital brand, is completing its range of mobile packages by offering home phone, internet and TV. Sosh customers can now enjoy an offer that meets all of their needs at an ‘online’ price,” said Michel Jumeau, marketing director, Orange France.


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