Teleste to launch DOCSIS Access Hub

Finland-based technology company Teleste will use ANGA COM to introduce its DOCSIS Access Hub. 

Based on data over coax technologies, the access hub is designed for operators to ensure network capacity and quality of service for all subscribers, by extending IP network over the existing coaxial cabling inside apartment buildings.

“With the growing popularity of streaming video services like internet TV, consumers today demand very high bandwidth and fibre-level connections to their homes. The challenge for operators is to guarantee customer satisfaction by providing sufficient network capacity to all network subscribers without unwanted service outages. Bringing fibre connections to individual homes would solve the problem, but this is far too expensive to be economically viable in the older apartment buildings throughout Europe,” said Teleste.

The firm will use ANGA COM to showcase the Teleste Toolkit – a portfolio of products and services related to the design and build of HFC and broadband networks.

The toolkit includes solutions that operators can use to “rationalise their network infrastructure and operations,” said Teleste. New additions to the toolkit that will be demoed include the ACE8 node to complement Intelligent Networks concept, which consists of network equipment that can be auto-adjusted, remotely configured and monitored, and management software that controls all the devices in a cable network. Teleste ACE8 is the first product in the Intelligent Networks concept that will support the upcoming DOCSIS 3.1 requirements.

Teleste, together with Asheridge Communications, will also highlight Asheridge BarrIER – new technology that introduces ingress/egress protection into in-home products. The BarrIER technology is designed to stop noise from entering networks with up to 40 dB signal attenuation over the whole spectrum 5-2000 MHz, and is being incorporated into isolators, amplifiers, flyleads, wall-outlets, and any device inside the home that can be accessed by the subscriber.

Teleste will be based at stand E19, level 10.2 at ANGA COM.

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