KIT digital adds recommendation

Technology provider KIT digital has added a recommendation and personalisation engine, PerSys, to its VOD Store platform.

PerSys is designed to enable personalization, including ranking video content according to their individual preferences. It uses a plug-in framework to support the integration of new algorithms as they become available, including third party recommendation engines and data sources, according to KIT digital.

“We are all agreed that consumers want to be able to access content when they want, and on the device of their choosing,” said Mark Christie, chief technology officer of KIT digital. “One of the biggest challenges is helping them find content that matches their particular interests. With the PerSys, broadcasters and content owners can develop very sophisticated personalisation systems, with highly effective recommendation engines drawing on multiple sources of data. The technology is simple to implement, develop and manage, and the results will lead to better monetisation of all content and growing revenues.”

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