Witbe launches testing for smart TVs at TV Connect

Quality assurance specialist Witbe is using TV Connect to showcast a solution for connected TVs.

Witbe’s test and validation solution will now enable content providers and application developers to test services prior to their launch on connected TV sets.

Witbe’s test solutions are already used by service providers, application developers and device manufacturers on a range of devices including set-top boxes, iOS/Android apps and computers. Witbe’s solution for connected TV applies the same technologies used for testing other platforms, enabling developers and quality assurance engineers to reuse existing test scenarios across several terminal types and also test converged services, according to the company.

Witbe specialises in test automation and live monitoring solutions, providing robot monitors that connect with devices either in test labs or in the field to test services and analyse the results to see if the service is working properly.

“Rather than looking at platforms we look at the actual services,” said Fabien Maisl, director of marketing and communications, Witbe.

Maisl said Witbe was now extending this capability to encompass smart TVs as well as set-tops and other connected devices. “You have more and more apps on smart TVs, with access to live streams and VOD portals or apps to connect to weather forecasts and so on. The complexity comes from there being so many different connected TV types and operating systems, meaning it could become a nightmare to develop apps for each of these sets and make sure they work consistently,” he said. “We have a solution that automates these tests so engineers can spend more time developing features. The test solution will work the same way across multiple TV sets so you don’t have to [configure] it yourself.” Maisl said there was a growing trend for content providers to deliver services over unmanaged networks, and to deliver converged services across multiple device types.

Witbe is also using TV Connect to showcase a new reporting platform that can enable content providers delivering converged services to view maps showing the performance of services broken down by region, CDN, channel or other metrics.

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