Telekom Austria’s Vipnet acquires Digi TV Croatia

Telekom Austria Group’s Croatian subsidiary Vipnet has acquired RCS&RDS’s local satellite TV platform Digi TV, allowing it to expand its multi-play offering in the country. 

Digi TV Croatian launched in 2006 and turned in revenues of about €2 million in 2012.

The move follows Vipnet’s acquisition of Croatian cable operator in 2011. The latest acquisition postions Vipnet as the main competitor in multi-play services across the country to Deutshce Telekom-owned T-Hrvatski Telekom, which also delivers pay TV servics via fixed line and satellite. Financial details of the deal, which has already been closed, have not been revealed.

“We are delighted about the expansion of our portfolio. The acquisition of Digi TV turns Vipnet into a full player and a comprehensive communications service provider“, said Mladen Pejkoviæ, CEO of the Croatian subsidiary Vipnet.

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