EMC and Arabsat sign deal for hosted Ka-band payload

Middle East satellite operator Arabsat has signed a deal with Emerging Markets Communications (EMC) whereby the latter has designed and acquired, on an exclusive basis, a hosted Ka-band payload to be carried onboard the Arabsat Badr-7 satellite.

According to Arabsat, this will be the first multi-purpose hosted Ka-band payload to cover the EMEA and Central Asia regions.

“Previous generation of Ka band high-throughput satellites where designed to support only mass-consumer basic internet services with little or not flexibility to support other key connectivity needs. Our patented payload configurations not only delivers a large amount of Gbps on a key and vital TV neighborhood in the EMEA region, with several times the throughput of what traditional satellites can offer today, it also provides total flexibility to serve multiple high growth markets and verticals which was not possible to address until now,” said EMC CEO Abel Avellan. “Wireless is the future and new extremely low cost terminals, abundant new Ka-band spectrum, the ability of satellites to broadcast video more effectively than any other technology and EMC patents are very powerful combination to serve the communications and entrainment needs of potentially billions in the emerging markets, we are very excited about this transaction and plan to replicate the same model in other regions of the world.”