Music service WiMP launches in Poland, signs up second service provider

Music streaming service WiMP is now available as a commercial service in Poland following an earlier beta launch. WiMP has also signed up a second service provider platform in the form of mobile operator Play, following its beta launch with pay TV platform ‘n’.

WiMP is available in three versions in Poland, a a free and ad-free limited test version available on computers, WiMP Basic with unlimited access for desktop computers for PLN9.99 (€2.43) and WiMP Premium with mobile access for PLN19.99.

“We are very optimistic about today’s commercial launch of WiMP as well as the future development of our service in Poland. We are very pleased with the consumer survey’s results of WiMP’s beta phase, which were one of the highest in Europe. We managed to gain strong business partners, such as the digital platform n and network operator Play, Thus we have a strong reason to believe that, such as in other countries, we will achieve a great success in Poland,” said Adrian Ciepichał, General Manager, WiMP Poland.

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