Antik launches “world’s first” BitTorrent set-top

Slovakia-based set-top box provider Antik Technology has launched what it claims to be the world’s first BitTorrent Certified set-top box in the world.

The FullHD Juice Mini forms part of Antik’s Juice line of set-top boxes. It enables consumers to play content using the BitTorrent protocol, a peer-to-peer technology used for distributing large amounts of data. The box is available initially in Slovakia before a global launch early next year.

“We are introducing the Juice Mini, the first set-top box with the BitTorrent protocol for telco companies, providers and retailers,” said Igor Kolla, Antik Technology CEO. “This is a unique device as it is the first BitTorrent Certified box in the world. With thanks to our partnership with BitTorrent we have made this special IPTV device in response to customers who record hi-def memories with their smartphones, digital SLRs and HD camcorders”.

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