Sapphire launches Redlight HD in Europe

Adult content specialist Sapphire Media International is launching its Redlight HD channel across Europe.

The company has signed a deal with distributor and adult entertainment smart card provider DigiQuest Electronics to offer the channel to European pay TV operators. Sapphire already offers HD channel Hustler throughout the continent.

“We are focusing relentlessly on tightly integrating high quality adult entertainment channels with reliable television services and solutions, and part of our strategic initiative is to develop Redlight HD as a key pillar of the adult business market,” said Redlight HD managing director Paolo Esposito. “By combining our technologies in areas such as digital imaging, broadcasting and encryption with Sapphire’s long-standing experience and established foundation in content distribution, we believe we will be able to create highly innovative and competitive products and generate new business opportunities in the adult entertainment world and other related areas where significant growth is anticipated.”

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