Dailymotion adds news channels

Al Jazeera, Russia Today, the Telegraph Media Group and VICE have launched dedicated channels on online video portal Dailymotion.

Dailymotion will live stream Al Jazeera’s English and Arabic live news. Al Jazeera will also upload highlighted video news clips daily from both channels that will be available on demand to Dailymotion users.

Thousands of videos and news bulletins from Russia Today and the UK’s Telegraph Media Group will also be uploaded to Dailymotion over the coming months.

Dailymotion has also teamed up with youth media company VICE to co-produce Foreign Correspondents: How They See Us, is the first of several planned projects.

Harriet Fuest, UK content manager at Dailymotion, said:  “Dailymotion is really proud to be a distribution platform for some of the world’s leading media. The demand for live news coverage and news videos on demand has grown dramatically over the last 24 months as people have sought independent and up-to-the-minute news on era-defining global events such as the Arab Spring, the election in the US and the growth of China. Dailymotion users can now access an even wider range of news highlights on demand that is complemented by a live stream, ensuring that they can get all their breaking global news on just one site.”

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