Ukrainian regulator licenses IPTV services

The Ukrainian National Council for Television and Radio Broadcasting has awarded four new IPTV licences to regional telecom operators. However, the regulator has said that a large number of services across the country remain unlicensed.

The regulator awarded licences to provide IPTV services to Farlep Invest and Yutim Media in the Kyiv region, CHKS in the Chuguev and Kharkov region and Orion in the Rovenky and Lugansk region.

Operator and distributors present a round table session organised this week by the regulator have committed to provide information about so-called grey market providers ahead of a move to enforce tighter regulation of the market.

The regulator’s chief Vladimir Manzhosov told the ProIT news service that about 80 IPTV providers were operating in the country without a licence.

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