7digital music for Toshiba Places

Media company 7digital has signed an agreement to be the European music partners for Toshiba’s Places platform for connected TVs.

Consumers with a Toshiba Places account will be able to browse 7digital’s music catalogue, create playlists and stream music to their TVs. The service will launch this month in the UK, France, Italy, Germany and Spain.

All stores will be optimised for individual countries with local language, catalogue and pricing.

7digital is already available on other Toshiba devices, including laptops, Android tablets and smartphones.

“This partnership is our first move into the connected TVs space and supports our platform agnostic strategy, allowing consumers to access their music on the platform of their choice,” said Ben Drury, CEO of 7digital. “The co-branded store offers a familiar browsing and purchasing experience so users can integrate their music collections across all devices, choosing to listen to the music they own in the way that suits them. Connected TVs offer exciting opportunities for us, and we will be looking at how we can further support these, and other connected devices, in future.”

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