Amagi to mark international launch at IBC

Cloud-based broadcast infrastructure provider Amagi will make its international debut at IBC next month with the launch of next generation services for broadcasters and content owners.

Amagi uses the cloud to change the way TV networks distribute their content. Its transmission infrastructure can use secure private clouds to push and store content ahead of time to affiliate headends across the globe.

At IBC, the company will launch two new services, including a barcode system for audio-video content that can enable identification of specific content assets. The barcodes are watermarked on the content to uniquely identify any of the assets on the network feed.

Amagi’s new localisation service uses this barcoding system to enable broadcasters and content owners to localise programming and ads in different regions covered by a common satellite feed. Content to be replaced locally is barcoded and local replacement content is sent via the cloud to the relevant broadcast headend ahead of transmission. The network feed is then played out with the barcoded content and Amagi content insertion devices at each of the affiliate headends detects the barcode and splices in the replacement content as appropriate.

Also launching at IBC will be Amagi’s cloudporting service that enables playout of a TV channel across multiple headends using Amagi’s cloud-based transmission infrastructure. The transmission schedule and all relevant content is pushed to each broadcast headend via Amagi’s private cloud using a web-based user interface. The content and playlist are stored in an Amagi content playout device at affiliate headends and played out as listed.

Amagi will be exhibiting at IBC on Stand 3.C31

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