CTC Media retargets channel

Russian broadcast group CTC Media is revamping its target demographics for two of its main channels as it looks to stem falling ratings. 

The broadcaster is launching new demographic targets for its main CTC Network and Peretz Network at the start of 2013. CTC Network, which used to target an audience of 6 to 54 year-olds, will now target an audience of 10 to 45 year-olds. Meanwhile, Peretz Network, which previously targeted an audience of 25 to 59 year-olds has lowered its target to 25 to 49 year-olds.

This move comes after the channel saw its average daily share of Russian viewers over 18 fall to 5.2%.

It follows the appointment of Boris Podolsky as chief executive in June and comes after the company announced its latest financial results. 
”We have also made the important strategic decision to adjust the target demographics for the CTC and Peretz Networks to ‘all 10-45’ and ‘all 25-49’, respectively. The change will take place from the beginning of 2013 and reflects the Company’s overall positioning strategy for Domashny and Peretz and the channels’ high affinity levels in these commercially attractive audience groups. The transition is therefore expected to have a positive impact on both audience shares and inventory levels moving forward,” said Podolsky.

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