Video services increase Eutelsat revenues

Sustained growth from Eutelsat’s video applications business helped the satellite operator increase full year revenues by 4.6% to €1.2 billion. Revenues from Video Applications rose 5.8% to €832.2 million.

Much of the growth came from Eutelsat’s satellites located at 7° West and 16° East. 7° West broadcast 534 channels at the end of June, up 45%, while 16° East broadcast 570 channels, up 23%.

Announcing the results for the full year ending June 30, Eutelsat’s CEO Michael de Rosen said demand for transponder capacity remained strong. Eutelsat’s fleet fill rate stood at 75.6% at the end of June, compared to 79.2% a year earlier, reflecting the entry into service during the year of EUTELSAT 7 West A and EUTELSAT 16A, the redeployments of EUTELSAT 3C to 3°East from 7° West and EUTELSAT 48B to 48° East from 16° East, as well as the de­orbiting of EUTELSAT 4A.

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