Telenet to remove fixed term contracts

Belgian cable operator Telenet is removing fixed term contracts for its TV, broadband and telephony customers.

From October 1, all existing contracts will be scrapped, meaning customers will be able to cancel their services at any time without paying a termination fee. Telenet said the new measure goes a lot further than the new Telecom Act requires. The Act asks operators to limit the termination fee to the first six months of the contract.

Some premium services, including Prime, Sporting Telenet and the TV Plus package, are exempt from the new measure and these customers will be required to pay a termination fee to end their contract.

“Telenet is constantly looking for ways to improve its offer and continues to invest in innovative and high-quality products appreciated by customers,” the operator said in a statement. “These improvements positively encourage customer loyalty. Customer satisfaction is indeed an absolute priority.”

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