Vodafone Portugal chooses Appear TV for modular headends

Vodafone Portugal has deployed headend equipment from Appear TV. The solution combines analogue RF and COFDM modulation modules, giving subscribers access to analogue SD and digital HD services over Vodafone’s FTTH network.

The Appear TV solution was deployed at Vodafone’s media centres in Lisbon and Porto. It provides a total of 70 SD and HD TV channels over the existing Vodafone IP FTTH network.

“The modular approach of the Appear TV HE architecture and the features of its advanced RF and COFDM modulation functionality enabled us to build a solution that uses the capacity of the Vodafone FTTH network to reduce the number of set-top boxes deployed, a great benefit to both us and our customers,” said Jorge Bento, director of products and services, Vodafone. ”Not only do we increase efficiency by supporting analogue and digital services from one IP head-end, but we also simplify providing SD and HD to multiple TVs in the home, a useful advantage in Portugal, where the average number of TV sets is three per household.”