Freeview viewers give catch-up thumbs up, unsure about 3D

Freeview viewers in the UK are far more excited about catch-up services like iPlayer than 3D TV or second screen services, according to a survey from the DTT operator.

The poll of 2,000 viewers, asked to choose three technologies from a list of eight in terms of popularity, saw 62% of respondents choosing on-demand streaming services as their top choice.

Second spot went to TV anytime services, with 59% of respondents choosing this, followed by an enhanced EPG that enables them to scroll backwards to select previously-aired shows, selected by 52%.

The fourth and fifth choices were home networking (46%) and remote record (25%). Just 19% chose 3D TV, with mobile TV (12%) and second screen apps (6%) taking the last spots.

Tags: DTT, Freeview, UK

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