Eutelsat to rebrand satellite fleet

Eutelsat has announced plans to unify the names of its satellites as part of a rebranding exercise.

From March 1, the company’s satellites will take the Eutelsat name associated with the relevant figure for their orbital position and a letter indicating their order of arrival at that position. W6 at 21.5° East will, for example, become Eutelsat 21A.

Satellites located at Eutelsat’s four West positions will include West in their name, for example Atlantic Bird 2 will become Eutelsat 8 West A.

Eutelsat’s Hot Bird brand will be retained. It will adopt the numbering system to be implemented for all other satellites, so Hot Bird 6 will become Eutelsat Hot Bird 13A.

Andrew Wallace, Eutelsat chief commercial officer said: “We strive to associate the Eutelsat brand with customer service, engineering excellence and market-leading innovation. Associating the names of our satellites with our Group name and its heritage reflect this vision and mission. As we continue our push for further in-orbit expansion, with six satellites to be launched from 2012 to 2014, this new naming programme will enhance the awareness and understanding of our commercial offer.”


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