Amos-5 ready for launch

Satellite operator Spacecom has announced that the Amos-5 satellite has completed its test phase and has been transported to the launch-site in Baikonur, Kazakhstan.

Amos-5 is scheduled to be launched on December 11 to the 17° East orbital position and begin commercial operations in early 2012 with pan-African C-band and Ku-band capacity.

In Baikonur, the satellite will undergo final testing and integration with the Proton launcher and Breeze-M prior to its launch.

“The Amos team is excited to see the satellite on its way to Baikonur, Kazakhstan, the final step prior to its scheduled launch on December 11,” said Spacecom president and CEO, David Pollack. “With Amos-5’s addition, Spacecom is further fulfilling our corporate vision of becoming an emerging multi-regional satellite operator. Amos-5 will provide excellent solutions for our clients with superb C-band and Ku-band coverage and enable satellite services throughout the entire African continent.”

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