Atlantic Bird 7 enters service

Eutelsat Atlantic Bird 7 satellite has entered commercial operation one month after its launch to the 7° West orbital position.  

The satellite operator said transfer of all television channels onto Atlantic Bird 7 from Atlantic Bird 4A was completed on October 23. Over 400 TV channels are now broadcasting via Atlantic Bird 7 into almost 30 million homes located from the North African Atlantic coastline across to the Gulf states.

Eutelsat said the entry into service of Atlantic Bird 7 would strengthen its relationship with Nilesat, the Egyptian satellite operator that also manages its own system of three satellites at the 7° West neighbourhood. Nilesat is leasing new transponders on Eutelsat’s satellite in addition to leases transferred from Atlantic Bird 4A.
Atlantic Bird 4A is being redeployed to 3° East to address data and telecoms markets in Europe and South-West Asia.

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