Orange launches 3D magazine show

Orange and Troisième Œil Productions are joining forces to produce Mag3D, a regular magazine show about 3D TV and technology. Orange already offers 3D movies and sports coverage, but offering a regular magazine show in 3D is a first for the French pay TV operator.

The first episode of the half-hour series will debut on November 28 and all Orange customers with a 3D TV set will be able to see the show, which will also be available on home computers and mobile devices.

The series will cover all new 3D film releases, video games, documentaries as well as covering sporting events and concerts being covered using the technology.

Orange already offers various events in 3D, including sport, movies and events. Earlier this year it broadcast the UK and Monaco royal weddings in 3D. It also runs a video-on-demand service, launched last December, in partnership with Studiocanal and Warner Bros Digital Distribution.
Troisième Œil Productions is one of France’s largest indie producers.

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