Intrasonics develops interactive TV SDK for second screens

Digital watermarking specialists Intrasonics has launched a software development kit (SDK) that allows content owners and brands to build interactive services that can connect TV content with companion devices.

The SDK enables brands to create mobile apps that respond to hidden codes in audio broadcasts, triggering actions on smartphones and tablets and providing audience data. For example, viewers could play along on the second screen with TV quizzes or vote in contests. Brands, networks or shows could also use the SDK to run loyalty programmes, Intrasonics said. The technology also means that content owners and brands can pinpoint who is consuming their content and at what time.

“Broadcast TV has always been about eyeballs to the screen and the future will increasingly be about engaging with viewers on the second screen,” said Luc Jonker, CEO of Intrasonics. “Our technology allows viewers to engage directly with broadcast content, making them part of the action through immersive, interactive viewing experiences. At the same time we help shows and brands measure what the viewers are doing.”

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