Global IPTV homes pass 50 million mark

IPTV services are being used by over 50 million households worldwide.

The Broadband and IPTV Growth Report presented at the Broadband World Forum in Paris highlighted that 51 million customers subscribe to IPTV services. Nine percent of the world’s broadband homes now subscribe to an IPTV service, an increase from 7.8% in June last year. Europe is still the leading IPTV region with strong growth in France, Romania, Russia and Belarus.

France leads the IPTV market with 11 million subscribers, representing over 50% of French broadband lines. In contrast, China’s 10.5 million subscribers are equivalent to around 7.6% of lines in the market.

Asia has increased its IPTV market share by almost 5% in the last 12 months and shows signs of accelerating in a number of markets. The region is likely to overtake Europe in 2012 in terms of IPTV subscribers, the report found.

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