DNA breaks Virgin Media’s cable broadband record

Finnish cable operator DNA has delivered broadband speeds of 1.58Gbp on its network, which it claims is a world record for cable broadband speeds.

DNA tested the speed of its network in collaboration with Cisco and Santa Monica Networks. The test was carried out over a distance of 20km.

“Currently we are offering our customers 200Mbps speeds throughout our network, but as the test indicates, our cable networks are able to meet the needs of tomorrow. The network can reach the antenna outlet easily, and currently only devices at the consumer end set the limits how well the network capacity can be utilized. At DNA we have seen the opportunities cable TV technology offers and we will develop it further going forward,” said the company’s head of television networks Kari Ruopsa.

Last month, UK cable operator Virgin Media successfully delivered broadband speeds of 1.5Gbps to an area of London. The UK cable operator claimed it was the world’s fastest cable connection and 240 times the national UK average.

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