Deutsche Telekom sees strong TV growth

Deutsche Telekom’s Entertain IPTV service reached 1.3 million subscribers by the end of the second quarter, up 34% year-on-year. However, growth slowed slightly in the second quarter, with 44,000 additions over that period.

Telekom’s TV base outside Germany in southern and central and eastern Europe reached about 2.6 million by the mid-year point, up as much as 42% year-on-year, with IPTV accounting for 731,000 of the total.

The telco said it had a long-term goal of growing its revenues from connected home services (including the home gateway and personal communication suite areas) to €7 billion by 2015, and revenue from internet offerings (including TV) to between €2-3 billion by the same date.

Deutsche Telekom posted second quarter revenue of €14.5 billion, down 6.8%, and EBITDA of €3 billion, down 10%.

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