TF1 files complaint against Canal Plus

French broadcaster TF1 has filed a complaint against pay TV group Canal Plus with the country’s media regulator, the CSA, over Canal Plus’s proposals for carriage of its thematic channels, according to local reports.

TF1 has asked the SCA to consider the carriage arrangements for Eurosport 1 and 2, TV Briezh, Ushuaïa, Histoire and Stylia, which are carried exclusively by CanalSat under the broadcasters’ current €70 million deal. CanalSat has now offered less than €10 million (as opposed to €30 million under the current agreement) only for the non-exclusive carriage of Eurosport when the deal expires at the end of this year.

Under French regulations, Canal Plus is obliged to offer terms that are fair, equitable and non-discriminatory, and the CSA could in theory fix a price for the channels if it finds in favour of TF1 and no agreement is reached.

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