Telenet increases tariffs as consumer index rises

Belgian cable operator Telenet is increasing its tariffs in response to the rising consumer price index.

While the consumer price index has risen by 11.1% since 2007, Telenet said it would only be passing on part of this increase to customers. Internet tariffs will increase by an average of 3.04% on August 16, the first rise since 2007. In real terms, this rise will mean an extra cost of €1.19 per month, although Telenet said the increase will only apply to six out of 10 broadband customers. Pricing for the new broadband products launched on June 27, 2011, consisting of Basic Internet, Fibernet and Fibernet XL, will not be changed.

Telenet will also increase its TV prices for the first time since 2009. Althought the consumer price index has risen by 6.2% in this time, it will increase TV subscriptions by an average of 4.2% or €0.55 per month on October 9. In Flanders, Telenet will also charge a supplement of maximum €0.25 per month as a result of a rise in copyright pricing. The supplement in Brussels will amount to a maximum of €1.17. Telenet said it would also pay the supplement in full to the channels and copyright associations.