Sky chooses NDS for Anytime Plus

UK pay TV operator BSkyB has deployed a customised version of NDS’s set-top box software for its Sky Plus HD boxes.

The component-based architecture of the set-top box software was used by Sky to launch its Anytime Plus VOD service, which provides a VOD library to Sky Broadband customers. Using NDS software and progressive download technology, Sky delivers VOD content to customers’ set-top boxes. Once enough content is delivered to the DVR, playback can commence, allowing for the remainder of the content to be delivered in the background.

Alun Webber, managing director of product design and development at Sky, said: “With over 10 million subscribers in the UK and Ireland we are constantly working to ensure that our platform offers the best possible customer experience. Our collaboration with NDS to develop this set-top box software puts us in a great position to continually innovate, giving customers even more choice and control over how and when they consume the content that they love”.

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