UK digital penetration hits 93..1%

The latest data from UK communications regulator Ofcom shows that digital TV penetration in the UK stood at 93.1% at end of the first quarter of this year. Furthermore, 75.7% of second sets have been converted to digital, a 5.2% year on year increase.

Almost 40% of UK TV homes, or 10.1 million, said that DTT was their primary source of digital TV reception but with many homes already connected, sales of DTT set-tops and integrated TVs declined in the first quarter, falling 6.1% year-on-year.
The number of homes  with free-to-air satellite increased by 700,000 in the twelve months to end-March, taking the total to two million. Meanwhile, 36.2% of homes had a pay TV satellite service and 13.1% a cable TV subscription at the end of the first quarter.