New 3D channel for Italy with Tile Format technology

Italian regional producer and channel operator Città Digitali is to launch a 3D channel in Tuscany this month using the 3D Tile Format technology provided by Turin-based Sisvel Technology.

The channel will cover art, culture, leisure, environment, and regional food and wine specialties. Sisvel’s Tile Format is based on formatting stereoscopic images by integrating two 720p frames within a single 1080p frame, which the company says provides better-quality images for 3D content and maintains backward compatibility, allowing viewers not equipped for 3D to view the transmission as 2D images. This means that the transmission of both 2D and 3D can be achieved without the need for increased bandwidth.

Città Digitali has operated a local channel on the digital-terrestrial network in the city of Lucca since 2004. 

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