YouSee study: Danes unsure about illegal downloads

Half of Danish internet video users are unsure whether their actions are illegal or not, according to cable operator YouSee. Uncertainty is higher amongst women, where almost two thirds who download movies are not aware if their actions are legal.

In a study commissioned by YouSee, 23% of the 1,500 respondents said they regularly download or stream movies and TV series from the web or get copies from friends and family. Only 51% could say with any certainty that the content was legal or illegal.

“Whether it is a poor excuse or the truth is difficult to determine. But it suggests that there is a need for a much sharper communication of what is legal, maybe a labeling system,” said Ulf Lund, deputy director of YouSee.

YouSee estimates that Danes illegally download or copy 11 million TV episodes and nine million films a year.

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