Verimatrix launches watermarking for premium VOD

Conditional access specialist Verimatrix has formally launched StreamMark, its new forensic watermarking technology.

StreamMark uses a server-side embedding process to deliver a unique watermark to compressed video files, including encrypted files, during delivery. The technology was developed by Verimatrix in collaboration with Hollywood studios and is designed, according to the company, to enable early release windows for premium video-on-demand of the type recently launched by several US pay TV operators.

According to Verimatrix, the watermark can easily be embedded in H.264 or MPEG-2 streaming video, including video delivered via a CDN, with relatively little performance impact. The technology is also designed to provide multi-screen support for delivery of content to Blu-ray players, set-tops and other devices that can’t be upgraded to support client-side watermarking.

Verimatrix chief technology officer Petr Peterka said that the FCC’s recent ruling allowing selectable output control for set-top boxes, combined with the launch of premium VOD services, meant that studios were now insisting on forensic watermarking to secure assets beyond the set-top.

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