SBB announces new packages and channels

Serbian pay TV operator SBB has launched three new packages and a number of additional channels.

The Start package includes 70 digital channels, with two channels – Baby TV and Svet Plus – new to the operator’s offering. The Hit package includes all the channels previously included in the Start and Family packages with two new channels – Crime & Investigation and Deutche Welle – and more than 40 radio stations. Finally, the Plus package has all the channels included in the Hit package plus channels previously included in SBB’s Sport Club X packages, with the addition of a new adult channel, Daring TV.

The Plus package will be available throughout May to SBB’s D3 digital subscribers while HD and DVR subscribers will be able to enjoy all content available in the operator’s Klub Zone service.

The operator is also offering Super HD Mix, a dual-play combination including one of four internet options plus the Hit of Plus package, HBO, an HD package, Klub Zone and rental of an HD or HD DVR decoder. 

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